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“You seem a little bit tightened at the level of the crotch. Do you want to try an other size ?”
“No no. That’s fine ! Like that everybody will see that I’m huge of everywhere.”


Hey guys !
Here we are ! The year 2015 comes to an end !
I want to thank you all for this amazing year on tumblr !
The migration of all my morphs on tumblr passed well, the new morphs were welcomed very well and even more than I thought !
This morph is a little bit my “morph of the year” (and of the other years !…). It’s my first morph with more than 1000 notes ! Thanks a lot !
Also, you are increasingly to follow my blog ! It affects me greatly ! I would never have thought that one day I would have more than 2500 followers !! Thanks a lot, a lot, A LOT ! 🙂

I would also like to thanks @eeksmaleart, @giant-tiny-people, @hardtrainer01, @hulumscave, @londonboy45, @marquis-de-rent, @obsessionfodder, @silverjow, @whitepapermuscle, @yourgiantboy, @monsieurunivers, @thefabulousmisadventuresofjock, @ss9329, @grow-giant, @mindloopsketches, @mind-loop, @musclexperiments, @growcubgrow and many others for all that they shared during this year ! Their amazing art, their ideas, their texts, their inspiration,… Or simply just for their tumblr ! You have an awesome Tumblr ! Thanks to you ! I enjoyed looking your tumblr this year, I look forward to seeing what you will share in 2016 !

A last morph tomorrow and I see you in 2016 ! 😉


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